PODCAST: Italian Columnist Gianni Riotta on America and Rome, Trump and Julius Cesar, ISIS and Mass Surveillance, Ep. 38


December 15, 2015: The World Meets America Report spoke to Gianni Riotta, columnist for La Stampa and a leading European commentator, to discuss comparisons between the United States and Ancient Rome and Donald Trump and Julius Cesar. Mr. Riotta underlined Trump’s success bringing some of the most down and out members of the American middle class back into the political process. Riotta and host William Kern also discuss whether the United States and its allies are responsible for the terrorist blowback we are now experiencing; whether it’s possible that recent massacres and terrorist attacks were staged by the state to achieve specific policy objectives – Mr. Riotta says no; or whether the intelligence services may know of some of these events in advance and allow them to occur for the same reason – Mr. Riotta expressed skepticism. They also discuss the need to reconsider the ways we use social media and whether we will ever get to the point where we say “enough security and surveillance – freedom comes with some risk.”

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