PODCAST: E.U. Disintegration, Economic Nationalism and Taiwan Elections with Dr. Hall Gardner; AI Obsession at Davos, Ep. 54

  January 25, 2015: In this second half of our discussion with Dr. Hall Gardner, Professor and Chair of International and Comparative Politics at The American University of Paris, The World Meets America Report got[…]

PODCAST: Migrants, ‘Free Trade’ and E.U. Disintegration with Patrik Etschmayer and Dr. Regula Staempfli, Ep. 51

January 19, 2016: In the second of a two-part program, The World Meets America report spoke to European columnists Patrik Etschmayer and Dr. Regula Staempfli about the U.S. presidential race and the apparent disintegration of[…]