PODCAST: Migrants, ‘Free Trade’ and E.U. Disintegration with Patrik Etschmayer and Dr. Regula Staempfli, Ep. 51

January 19, 2016: In the second of a two-part program, The World Meets America report spoke to European columnists Patrik Etschmayer and Dr. Regula Staempfli about the U.S. presidential race and the apparent disintegration of[…]

PODCAST: Italian Columnist Gianni Riotta on America and Rome, Trump and Julius Cesar, ISIS and Mass Surveillance, Ep. 38

  December 15, 2015: The World Meets America Report spoke to Gianni Riotta, columnist for La Stampa and a leading European commentator, to discuss comparisons between the United States and Ancient Rome and Donald Trump[…]

PODCAST: Ramifications of the Paris Attacks with Dr. Hall Gardner of The American University in Paris, Ep. 22

November 17, 2015: From Paris, Dr. Hall Gardner, Chair of International and Comparative Politics at The American University of Paris, talks to William Kern about the attacks in and around Paris, the mood of the[…]