PODCAST: Fleshing Out the Modern Flat Earth Theory with Mark Sargent, Ep. 47

January 11, 2016: The World Meets America Report spoke to Mark Sargent, one of the world’s leading advocates of the Flat Earth Theory. Sargent, who has appeared on countless alternative media programs to argue that everything we have been told and taught about the earth and the space program is a hoax, told host William Kern that despite the incredulity felt by most people when they hear his assertions, sooner or later the human race will come to understand that we live on a flat plane, with a giant dome overhead, ringed by Antarctica and with the Arctic in the center. Sargent and Kern also touch on the inescapable cosmic implications of the Flat Earth: that we are all participants in an experiment being carried out by an alien intelligence or alien intelligences.

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