PODCAST: Election Day 2016 – Global Blood Pressure Check, Ep. 61

November 7, 2016: On the day before Election Day 2016, The World Meets America Report spoke to Gianna Riotta, one of Europe’s leading columnists who writes in English and Italian and spends a good deal of time in New York; Mike Filip, host of the program Americanuk Radio and a dual US/Canadian citizen; Patrik Etschmayer, a Swiss columnist who writes regularly about the United States; Dan Collins, founder of The China Money Report, a renowned financial analyst who lives in Shanghai and who discussed the China angle of the 2016 campaign; and David Weiss, who operates the site Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole and has made a mark in alternative media by specializing in conspiracy – or as he would argue – reality.

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Guests for this Program:

Gianni Riotta Online (Italy and the U.S.): Click Here
On Twitter @riotta: Click Here

Selected Gianni Riotta Columns in English:
Age of Trump: A ‘Revolution’ Win or Lose (La Stampa): Click Here
U.S. Presidential Race: Trump Multiplies Sum of America’s Fears (La Stampa): Click Here
Reagan Sets ‘Acid Test’ for Crisis-Beset Obama (La Stampa): Click Here
The Caliphate and Kobe Bryant: Between Mafia and Sharia (La Stampa): Click Here
Europe Will Rue Toppling Obama Over Snowden (La Stampa): Click Here
U.S.-China Olympic Uniform Spat Reflects America’s ‘Hidden Strength’ (La Stampa): Click Here
Gay Marriage: Political Calculation and American Idealism (La Stampa): Click Here

Gianni Riotta Books:
Prince of the Clouds: Click Here
New York: Born Back into the Past:Click Here
The Royal Palace of Palermo: Click Here

Americanuk Radio with Mile Filip (Canada and U.S.): Click Here

Columnist Patrik Etshmeyer (Switzerland)

Financial Analyst Dan Collins of The China Money Report – (China and U.S.): Click Here

Alternative Media Firebrand David Weiss of Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole (U.S.): Click Here



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