PODCAST: ‘Jeb and the Bush Crime Family’ and Trump on Campaign with Best Selling Author Roger Stone, Ep. 57


February 4, 2016: The World Meets America Report spent two hours with legendary Republican political operative Roger Stone to discuss his new book Jeb and the Bush Crime Family and the latest on Trump’s second place finish in the Iowa Caucuses. Mr. Stone dismissed those who believe the Iowa Caucuses were some kind of fatal blow to the Trump campaign, pointing out that Reagan also pulled out of a debate, lost in Iowa and went on to become president of the United States. Stone, now a leading Trump interpreter, has worked for three presidents, worked on nine presidential campaigns and is author of a series of fascinating books including The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ; Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon; Dorothy, ‘An Amoral and Dangerous Woman’: The Murder of E. Howard Hunt’s Wife – Watergate’s Darkest Secret, and most recently, The Clinton’s War in Women.

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Roger Stone on Trump in Iowa and Political Campaigns:
— Trump was outspent and outgunned by Senator Ted Cruz and others in Iowa
— Trump did amazingly well given the deficiencies in his Iowa ground game and the fact that Evangelicals aren’t his natural constituency
— Cruz has no crossover appeal, is too partisan, so cannot win a national election
— Trump, like any candidate, throws red meat to the GOP base that he might not wholeheartedly believe
— To the question of whether there is any hope of a president of any party making a dent in the status quo, Stone referred again to Ronald Reagan and suggested Trump is the only person with any hope of doing so
— It may have been a mistake for Trump not to attend the GOP debate before the Iowa Caucuses
— said that government very rarely tells the truth and almost never the complete truth
— said wrongdoing and misbehavior on the part of presidents is not the exception but the rule
— FOX is ‘pimping Trump for ratings’ – and Trump is pimping FOX
— Trump is always articulate but not always eloquent – but when he faced off against Cruz over ‘New York values’ – he was brilliantly eloquent
— He likened Trump to Ronald Reagan – who also pulled out of the GOP debate before Iowa, lost Iowa – but went on to become president of the United States
— Stone called Republicans and Democrats ‘the Green Party’ – like the color of money, and said Trump stands against the status quo in both parties
–Stone wished he ‘had the diaper concession’ at Davos, after seeing how frightened attendees were at the World Economic Forum
— former Supreme Court Judge William Brennan was appointed to the Court by Eisenhower, after Ike heard Brennan give someone else’s speech!



Roger Stone on Issues Touched on in Jeb and the Bush Crime Family:
— calls John Meacham’s book on George H.W. Bush a whitewash of Bush family wrongdoing
— Bush family support for eugenics and other similar philosophies
— in its most extreme form, eugenics is Nazism; in its mildest form it is Planned Parenthood
— the attempts on the life of Ronald Reagan were likely for the same reason John F. Kennedy was assassinated: he threatened the status quo and elements within the national security state. Stone said these were attempts to scare and not kill Reagan
— George H.W. bush’s repeated unseemly attempts to get himself chosen to be vice president
— George H.W. Bush’s questionable alibis to explain where he was on the day JFK was assassinated
— Said E. Howard Hunt, one of the White House Plumbers, told his son, co-author of Jeb and the Bush Crime Family St. John Hunt, that as vice president, Lyndon Johnson ‘ran’ the John F. Kennedy assassination
— defended former Defense Secretary Alexander Hague against pro-Bush critics
— says the JFK assassination was a domestic intelligence conspiracy
— says the JFK assassination was more about national security state frustration with John F. Kennedy’s policies in Cuba than it was about his plans in Vietnam
— says that Watergate was at first a ham-handed Nixon Administration burglary that was seized upon by the intelligence services as a way to take down Richard Nixon
— says the money used to bankroll the Watergate breaking was provided by Bush family fundraising in Texas

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