PODCAST: Underground Man Host Dan Collins on China, Rigged Markets and Encryption (Ep. 2)

William Kern talks to the host of TalkNetwork.com’s Underground man and the founder of The China Money Report Dan Collins. Kern and Collins discuss what happened during China’s market crash and what will it mean for Americans; the current state of China’s new terrorism law, which would force all manufacturers to electronics, including Apple, Microsoft and Google, to build backdoors into all their products sothe state can crack any device or encryption; and some of the predominant conspiracy theories centering on China.

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William Kern, founder of www.worldmeets.us, is the inventor of trans-copyediting, a system for checking the accuracy of translated copy into multiple languages. Since 2005, managing a team of dedicated volunteer translators, Kern has edited, packaged and posted thousands of columns of news and opinion about America from publications around the world and from every major language, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian and Farsi. From the height of the Iraq war to the annexation of Crimea right up to today, Kern and his team have provided intelligence to the American people by opening up a whole new media world.

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