PODCAST: Paris Attacks in Context with Legendary French Columnist Pierre Rousselin, Ep. 24

November 19, 2015: The World Meets America Report spoke to one of Europe’s most well-known and incisive voices on foreign policy and the West Pierre Rousselin. He criticized President Bush for being too politically correct and confusing the public by calling for a “war on terror” rather than a war on “Islamism,” and he criticized the Obama for the same reason – the fact that it will not name the enemy – which is “Islamism.”

Rousselin also said:
—Europe needs its own ‘Ellis Island” to process refuges safely and in an organized way
— France has been unable to integrate immigrants as well as America because of the exclusionary nature of the French national identity
–We in the West have to stop dogmatically believing we are always right and take the sensibilities of the other side into account
–We must work with Russia in Syria and cool it on Crimea, because it is never returning to Ukraine
–Sanctions on Russia were foolish to begin with and have changed nothing in terms of Russian policy
–The West must learn – and has yet to learn – that toppling a dictator does not make a democracy
–Donald Trump will not be president
–French National Front could win the next election, and Marine Le Pen could be elected President
–Merkel made a mistake with here very generous statement toward refugees

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