PODCAST: Ramifications of the Paris Attacks with Dr. Hall Gardner of The American University in Paris, Ep. 22

November 17, 2015: From Paris, Dr. Hall Gardner, Chair of International and Comparative Politics at The American University of Paris, talks to William Kern about the attacks in and around Paris, the mood of the city, and the French willingness to go to war against Islamic State. Dr. Gardner warns of the manipulation of acts of terrorism to justify wars, ‘acts of repression’, as well as heightened and excessive surveillance, and said the United States and other states did and continue to sponsor differing ‘terrorist’ or proxy groups because there is no agreement about how to define the word ‘terrorist’. Gardner also expressed concern that major and regional power rivalries, combined with acts of terrorism, could mean that we are on the cusp of a conflict on a scale comparable to previous world wars.

Dr. Hall Gardner and William Kern also discuss:
–The need for a general U.S. and NATO accommodation with Moscow in order to throughly address the question of ‘terrorism’ as well as the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria terrorism

–The likelihood that the U.S., Russia, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others might join forces to defeat Islamic State depending in large part on whether these states can reach an accord over the fate of the Assad regime

–That the U.S. has overstepped with Russia in the process of enlarging NATO, and that Moscow has real reasons to be suspicious of U.S. intentionss

–The importance of giving Russia some face for its actions

–That the NSA and allied intelligence services are not making us safer with indiscriminate warrantless surveillance on millions of innocent people. Rather – they are clogging up the works and making it harder to spot signs of an attack

–That there is more than ample reason to question the official accounts of almost every major such event – including 9-11– an attack which was essentially organised in Hamburg, Germany, and not in Afghanistan

–The ramifications if al-Qaeda and Islamic State cooperated on the Paris attacks as some news outlets have reported; it would mean ‘our actions have pushed them together’ while Islamic State has grown more powerful than al-Qaeda

— It is often the case that with events like the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Paris attacks, or 9-11, the authorities may have knowledge that an attack is forthcoming, but then once such an attack does occur, the state then manipulates the political significance of that attack to achieve particular policy purposes, such as the Bush administration manipulated the September 11 attacks to overthrow Saddam Hussein, or other demands, including more surveillance that is ostensibly intended to make us more “secure” – in addition to calls for military engagement and war.

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