PODCAST: Life of Journalist William Kern – A Pursuit of Truth, both Within and Without, Ep. 52

January 20, 2016: For the first time, host of The World Meets America Report William Kern highlights the events that led him to become a journalist and spend ten years of his life providing the American people with news and views about the United States from newspapers around the planet. From the streets of East Flatbush to U.N. Headquarters in New York; from studying meditation in the shadow of the Himalayas to editing at the International Herald Tribune in Paris, Kern describes the thread that has run through his entire life: a dedication to finding out what is actually going on – both within and without.

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Information on William Kern:
William Kern, founder of www.worldmeets.us, iis managing editor and executive director of non-profit journalism project Worldmeets.US and is a former copy editor and page designer at numerous newspapers, including the International Herald Tribune, the San Mateo Country Times, the Taipei Times and the Taiwan News. In 2005 he began his life’s work of revealing to the American people how the non-English global media covers the United States when he invented trans-copyediting – a system that allows news editors to check the accuracy of human-translated copy and in 2007, he incorporated Worldmeets.US Inc. as an educational non-profit. Over the years, Kern and his dedicated global team of translators have rendered into English thousands of columns about the United States – its politics, culture and history – from around the planet and every major language. In partnership with The London Metropolitan University, Worldmeets.US is helping train the translators of tomorrow, offering internships to qualified student candidates.

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