PODCAST: Davos 2016 – Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, Ep. 55


January 26, 2016: The World Meets America Report examines comments made about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which was held from January 20-23. Host William Kern examines comments made at Davos by Financial Times Columnist Gideon Rachman, who says that attendees at Davos fear they are “losing control of the political process,” George Soros, who says Trump is ‘doing the work of ISIS,’ Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of the Blackstone Group, who expresses shock that ‘people are so angry’ that they would support people like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, British author and columnist Niall Ferguson, who councils his fellow Davos attendees that things were much worse in 1968, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who disavows Donald Trump and even refuses to mention his name, Stephen G. Pagliuca of Bain Capital who tells an Egyptian attendee that Trump doesn’t represent the country, and Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, who says that when people running for U.S. president say what Trump is saying, it is ‘dangerous.’

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VIDEO: DAVOS Roundtable – Priorities for the United States in 2016: From battling violent extremism to fighting climate change, is the United States in a position to take the lead?: Speakers: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Chris Coons, Author Niall Ferguson, Bain Capital’s Stephen G. Pagliuca, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman Click Here


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