PODCAST: Death Penalty Abolitionist Sandrine Ageorges on the Week in Paris, Ep. 27

November 24, 2015: Parisian Sandrine Ageorges, one of the world’s leading opponents of the death penalty, spoke to The World Meets America Report about the last week in Paris, the change in mood that has taken hold of the French people; the ordeal of her niece, who was in the Bataclan Theater when the terrorists attacked; whether she would oppose the death penalty for the terrorists who struck Paris; and how the atmosphere in Paris has changed since last week when ISIS militants ran amuck in the streets, restaurants, a theater and a stadium in Paris. Sandrine also said that those who question whether a murderous terrorist attack took place are mistaken.

Sandrine also said
— The incredible financial boost Charlie Hebdo received since the terrorist attack on its headquarters in January has greatly diminished the publication
— France’s death penalty ban will not be repealed because of the terrorist attacks
— Suggestions that the attacks were staged are not true

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