PODCAST: War and Media: Eisenhower and Murrow were Right, Ep. 26

November 23, 2015: Who can we believe about the threat posed by terrorism? Can we have any confidence in the mainstream media to inform the public? Can we have any faith in our intelligence officials, many of who have been caught lying to the American people and violating their oaths of office in recent years? Today we look at corporate coverage of the Paris attacks and the disgraced intelligence officials who seek to boost their budgets and sell Americans on the need for yet more mass surveillance – which by most accounts, has done nothing to prevent terrorist attacks and has in fact prevented them from being uncovered thanks to all the useless data being collected on innocent people across the world. In 1958, Edward R. Murrow resigned over what he called the undue influence of advertising over news coverage. In 1961, President Eisenhower warned about the danger of the military industrial complex. They both were right and we are now living with the legacy of ignoring their prescient warnings.

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