PODCAST: Kicking the Terrorism Habit: A 12 Step Program for Washington, Ep. 31

December 3, 2015: Given that there appears to have been yet another large-scale terrorist attack – this one in San Bernadino, California, World Meets America Report host William Kern feels compelled to point out that Washington policymakers have funded and nurtured terrorist organizations as an extension of U.S. foreign policy, aided by populating the U.S. State Department with spies, only to pontificate to other nations about how evil they are. In order to break this apparently addictive habit, Kern suggests an Alcoholics Anonymous-style approach, beginning with a public admission by the United States and many of its allies that this has, up to now, been a common practice. That would set the stage for a U.N. treaty outlawing the funding of partisans (or terrorists) who commit mass atrocities against civilians.

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William Kern, founder of www.worldmeets.us, is the inventor of trans-copyediting, a system for checking the accuracy of translated copy into multiple languages. Since 2005, managing a team of dedicated volunteer translators, Kern has edited, packaged and posted thousands of columns of news and opinion about America from publications around the world and from every major language, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian and Farsi. From the height of the Iraq war to the annexation of Crimea right up to today, Kern and his team have provided intelligence to the American people by opening up a whole new media world.

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