PODCAST: ‘Super Blowback’: The Dark Horizon after San Bernardino with Dr. Hall Gardner, Ep. 32


December 4, 2015: William Kern and Dr. Hall Gardner, Professor and Chair of International and Comparative Politics at The American University in Paris, discuss the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, the fact that the United States and other states use terrorist groups or ‘partisans’ as elements of their foreign policies and the genesis of U.S. funding of these groups. In regard to questions about how the perpetrators of the San Bernardino attacks amassed such an arsenal of weaponry, Dr. Gardner agrees with those who contend that such weapons should not be covered under the Second Amendment. Dr. Gardner agreed with the assertion that we are experiencing a case of “Super Blowback” as a consequence of U.S. support for and nurturing of terrorist groups and he pointed out that what is happening today is a result of the Cold War U.S. program to train Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to first goad the Soviet Union into invading and then to defeat it when it did. Also touched on is how the U.S. system of utilizing such groups operates, partly through packing State Department missions and consulates with intelligence officers. At the end of the show Dr. Gardner, author of The Failure to Prevent World War I: The Unexpected Armageddon, lays out what he thinks could happen in the near term if ‘everything goes to hell in a hand basket’: the next World War.

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