PODCAST: TalkNetwork.com Co-Founder Mike Adams on Birthing a Network, Ep.40


December 18, 2015: The World Meets America Report spoke to the man most responsible for the existence of TalkNetwork.com, Natural News Founder Mike Adams. Mr. Adams discussed his co-founders, what they brought to the table and the rapidity with which the TalkNetwork.com was launched. He also discusses the Network’s programming, which is as wide-ranging as humanity itself, often controversial, and which he noted, in keeping with his commitment to free speech, are not necessarily things he agrees with. After listening to host William Kern lay out some of his notable accomplishments, Mr. Adams credited his parents with teaching him self-reliance and encouraging him to investigate things he found fascinating, which led him to having a great facility in music, math, writing computer code and notably – a green thumb. The conversation then turned to what happens in the Natural News laboratories and Mike Adams’ personal philosophy, which includes his conviction that there is a divine element to all living things and that all life is connected.

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