PODCAST: Hosts of Truth is Stranger than Lies David Weiss and Patricia Steere, Ep. 12

November 3, 2015: Many of us have concluded that our media and government is corrupt; many of us believe that the national security state and a handful of special interests steer foreign policy, essentially own our lawmakers and get the legislation they want. Many of us believe that NASA is withholding the truth about what’s happening in space. My guests tonight however, take those doubts much farther. They and a growing movement of people believe that the federal government or elements of the federal government are staging mass shootings like that in Oregon a few weeks ago, and terrorist attacks like 9-11 and the Boston Marathon Bombings – to sway public opinion to demand greater surveillance, stricter gun laws and generally terrorize the population. Furthermore, they are advocates of The Flat Earth Theory. Yes – you heard me – they and a growing movement of people believe that everything we have been taught about the shape of the earth, space flight and even flying from one nation to another – is nothing but a tissue of lies.

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